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You invest time, energy, and dollars into pursuing your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. Why follow a generic program that may or may not leverage your investment? Don’t just work hard on your healthy lifestyle. Allow Nick to teach and train you how to work smarter.

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There is a staggering amount of information, and misinformation, about health, fitness, and aging in the online world. What works or doesn't work for one individual may not apply to you. Each of us is unique in our bodies, physical capabilities, mindset, and personal goals.

Nick invests the time and energy to understand your unique personal situation. He filters out the clutter and provides clarity and a personalized step-by-step plan to help you meet your healthy living goals.

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Nutritional Consultation
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
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As an expert in the field for over three decades, Nick will design a fitness program tailored specifically for you. Nick will meet you at your current Fitness Level and design the safest and most effective protocol in your pursuit. With the plethora of training modalities available today, it’s no wonder so many folks rely on Nick to help them understand and implement modalities which best serve them. Time is the most precious commodity on earth. No amount of money can purchase the last minute back. Don’t waste any more time. Make the smart investment and contact Nick.

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Since the completion of the Human Genome Project and subsequent Human Proteome Project (HUPO), we have seen a profound shift in our understanding of nutrition and disease prevention. We now know beyond a doubt that quality, quantity, timing, and frequency of nutrition plays a critical role in preserving good health, slowing the aging process, and preventing disease. The peer reviewed research is unambiguous on this point. Nick will design a nutritional program specific to your needs backed by hard science-not hearsay, rumor and opinion.


Well-being integrates mental and physical health resulting in more holistic approaches to disease prevention and health promotion. Although there are many forms of well-being, implementing a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program will enhance one's overall life experiences. Nick has joined with experts in this field to provide you with another powerful  and important tool for achieving your goals.

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More than a decade of research provides incontrovertible evidence that aging is genetically pre-programmed at the molecular level. Aging must be addressed and tackled here if we are to do anything about it. The damage theories of aging and mortality that dominated the last century are dead wrong. These theories confuse aging with cumulative errors in design, wear and tear,  and free radical buildup. Modern medicine continues to utilize this model of aging in the treatment of degenerative diseases. Under this model, modern medicine has been unable to cure even a single degenerative disease. Subsequently, an entirely new model of aging has emerged. Epigenetics (above the genes) examines stable changes that occur in gene expression with no alteration in DNA. These stable changes persist through cell divisions with no alteration in DNA code. Therefore aging is not explicable by traditional genetic principles. Nick will provide you with the latest cutting-edge strategies to help you live a long and healthy life.

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Tom Flournoy
I will be with Nick for years to come. He is still able to refine my technique in the gym, he still comes up with creative and varied workouts, and he is an incredible inspiration for my diet. He’s so much more than a Personal Trainer. He is my mentor and friend.

Tom Flournoy

Matt O
Nick trained me for several years when I was competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Nick’s attention to detail, proper form and his depth of nutritional expertise got me into optimal health and physical condition that contributed to me winning several championships. As a trainer, Nick is a 10 out of 10.

Matt O

Thomas Mott
Most trainers know a general amount of information about fitness and health, Nick’s knowledge is next level.

Thomas Mott

Dr. Joe Lowrance
He brings so much to the table, including a wealth of knowledge related to physical conditioning, diet and nutrition, health and wellness.

Dr. Joe Lowrance

Dr. Maurice Salama
Additionally, Nick is a virtual encyclopedia on anatomy, supplements and muscle, tendon, cartilage interactions. This knowledge he provides continuously and inquires on the clients feedback to modify or alter as needed.

Dr. Maurice Salama

Fran Pitts
I have worked with Nick for almost 2 years now. His knowledge of nutrition and his detail with training has made a huge impact on my quality of life. At 72 years of age I have more strength and muscle tone than I had at 62. Nick makes working out enjoyable!

Fran Pitts

Samantha M. Beskin-Schemer, Esq.
Nick is such a caring and intelligent trainer. Nick has been training me for over a decade and his attention to my needs as a client has only increased over the years.

Samantha M. Beskin-Schemer, Esq.

Jamie Sims
Nick is more than a trainer. He is a guide, an expert, a teacher, a motivator, and a friend who happens to just be an incredible fitness trainer. He has taught me the importance of form and the science behind the workout that leads to greater understanding and greater results.

Jamie Sims