Dr. Maurice Salama

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Dr. Maurice SalamaDr. Maurice Salama

Nick Fiorello is not just a personal trainer but a health-life coach.

He protects his clients from poor technique and injuries by listening to them and interviewing each prospective student. Finding out about past injuries, mobility issues and their personal goals before creating a customized plan that is the key to his success.

Once completely aware, he then constructs a set of reachable goals that is then reviewed over specific timeframes and re-evaluated. Diet, stretch warm-up and cool downs are a critical component of the grand plan. Nick is present in the moment during his personal sessions providing real time support, modifications and coaching to make sure that the proper technique is utilized for each and every exercise and apparatus he incorporates into the training cycles.

Additionally, Nick is a virtual encyclopedia on anatomy, supplements and muscle, tendon, cartilage interactions. This knowledge he provides continuously and inquires on the clients feedback to modify or alter as needed.

He does this all with joy and sincerity. Over my 3 years with Nick, I found him to become a trainer-friend-instructor and life coach. I recommend him without any reservations and believe him to be a true one of a kind in his field. Get started with this gentleman right away. You will not regret it.

Sincerely, Dr. Maurice Salama Atlanta, GA

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