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Jamie SimsJamie Sims

“What did you eat for dinner last night?”
That’s how every training session with Nick begins. He wants a confession.

From there, we warm up and I quickly find myself praying for the workout agony to end, so I can head home to enjoy whatever it is that I shouldn’t be eating. As they say, sweets are the pleasure after the pain. So the cycle of dinner indulgence, confession, and fitness continues.

As an aside, I sense there are many of you reading this email and now thinking… Really Jamie? Huh. I didn’t notice.  That hurts.

But to be honest, Nick is way beyond a trainer. He is an inspire-er. A literal model of fitness and health. As a stickler of proper form, good posture, and disciplined diet, he walks the talk that he dispenses daily. And that’s something to admire.

Now me on the other hand, I’m consistently inconsistent. When it comes to the gym, I am either ALL IN or AWOL. Because of that, I’ve found that some of my “off sessions” have lasted 6 months. Oops. Luckily, whenever I start to reemerge after an extended 'recovery' period, Nick is there to guide me back with doses of gym-couragement: ‘nice job’, ‘good form', and ‘there you go’.  

Could I work out on my own? Yes. And I do for the vast majority of my sessions. But when I work out alone, none of the sessions are as effective or rewarding as the ones under his mindful expertise. Recently, as I finished a set and caught a glimpse of a (hopefully) burgeoning pectoral muscle in the mirror, I thought about the value of having experts beside you that make you stronger in different areas of your life—sometimes literally.

It’s what WITH does with our clients when it comes to branding and storytelling. But experts don’t just appear. If it worked like that, things would be a lot easier. But alas, no. Before any expert can help you, first you need to identify the gaps and weaknesses in your own life (or career, or project or product). For me as a scattered, half-hearted fitness enthusiast, Nick makes me better. And for that I’m thankful.

But where are areas that you could use some help? What expertise are you lacking that would make you or your project stronger? Sometimes knowing what you don’t know is the key to lifting you or your project to the next level. Just be sure to watch your form, as Nick would say.

Me and Nick during a recent training session.

Until next Wednesday,

Jamie Sims


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