Tom Flournoy

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Tom FlournoyTom Flournoy

My journey with Nick began in 2019. After watching him train others at our gym, I was impressed with his approach. Initially, he helped me with an injured shoulder, and I thought that was all I needed. After all, I had been working independently since the mid-80s. I was convinced I knew wat I was doing. Once I began working with Nick, I realized I had been spinning my wheels for nearly 40 years with incorrect technique, incorrect approach, and unsatisfactory results.

With Nick’s guidance and training, the improvements in my physique and general well-being are dramatic. I lost 40 pounds and gained muscle tone, and I’ve never felt better.

I will be with Nick for years to come. He is still able to refine my technique in the gym, he still comes up with creative and varied workouts, and he is an incredible inspiration for my diet. He’s so much more than a Personal Trainer. He is my mentor and friend.

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