Since the completion of the Human Genome project and subsequent Human Proteome Project, Biochemistry has changed dramatically. We now know beyond a doubt that nutrition plays a critical role in preserving good health, slowing the aging process and preventing disease.  It is incumbent upon you to get it right! I will devise a nutritional program specific to your needs backed by hard science - not hearsay, rumor and opinion.

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There are only three forms of training:  Skill,  Strength,  and Flexibility.  As an expert in the field for more than 33 years I will devise a fitness program to help you  reach your overall general fitness goals as well as any sport specific needs you may have.  It's imperative to make distinctions of the different training forms and their integration to suit your personal goals. Efficiency, effectiveness and safety are at the cornerstone of my mission.


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Well-being integrates mental and physical health  resulting in more holistic approaches to disease prevention and health promotion. Although there are many forms of well-being, implementing  a  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program will enhance ones overall life experiences.  I've joined with experts in this field to provide you with another powerful  tool for achieving your goals. 


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